Get more from your ad spend

Expert strategy and management to maximise your investment.

Strategic PPC Solutions

PPC performance audits

We’ll make sure that everything still works, freshen things up and most importantly, improve performance by conducting thorough audits of your campaigns.

Management & optimisation

We will plan, execute and optimise the most effective strategy in order to run a profitable PPC campaign with a positive return on investment.

Conversion tracking review and implementation

See what happens after someone clicks on your PPC ad. This way, we are able to play to your business’s strengths.

Accounts set up

We recognize the importance of a fantastic PPC campaign structure, crucial for your account’s performance.

Media planning

Find out exactly when, where and how often to run an advertisement for the best possible results.

Banner design

Ensure engagement by conveying your message through images, animations and other interactive displays.

Landing page design

Close the deal with your campaign’s stunning landing page.

Explainer video editing

Create a strong bond with your potential customers by having an exceptional explainer video to boost your business.

Training sessions

Book a private training session and master the skills of the PPC.


Introducing: Sanja Jovanovic

Sanja is a digital marketer with a background in journalism.

For 6 years she has provided online marketing solutions to businesses in Australia, US and Europe.

She is also a lecturer at Internet Academy Belgrade and regular speaker at digital marketing events.

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